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About Us

Improving your sleep is the key to a better living.

Balanced nutrition, comfortable sleep and a daily rhythm of activity and rest is the secret to a healthy living. Sleeping is especially important in getting rid of your physical and mental fatigue, and starting the day with renewed strength. That is why we need to take extra care in maintaining the quality of our sleep.
In our busy society, many people suffer from lack of sleep, with complaints such as “I can’t sleep even after getting into bed” and “I wake up too often during the night” becoming more and more common. One statistic even showing that one out of five people is affected by some form of sleeping disorder.

A comfortable sleep will prevent sickness and maintain your health.

The harm of sleep deprivation is diverse, starting from high blood sugar and blood pressure leading into diabetes, or increased risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Your waking hour mental state is also influenced by lack of sleep, such as loss of concentration, diminished decision making skills, weakening of brain function leading to loss of memories, all of which can cause serious mental illness.

Developed in cooperation with an expert in sleep research.

This is why we developed Sleepion with the cooperation of Dr. Norinaga Shimizu, professor emeritus at the Osaka Prefecture University who has studied sleep and health for over 30 years.
Dr. Shimizu assures that “a good management of your sleep and maintaining a comfortable sleep will open the door to a heightened health and acquiring beauty”.

Sleepion, giving attention to your sleeping rhythm and environment.

Sleeping has two roles for our well-being, one for resting the brain and one for resting our body. To fulfill this important task, our sleep undergoes a natural cycle of rapid eye-movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep.
By maintaining a steady rhythm of this cycle, you can enter sleep with ease and gain a deeper sleeping state. In the first half of your sleep during the night, a non-REM sleep induces many hormones including the growth hormone responsible for recuperating from fatigue. A deeper, stage 4 sleep is known to enhance your metabolism in the skin. Sleeping deeply as the sea will help to preserve the pristine elegance of your skin.
In TRA Inc., we developed Sleepion to create a natural sleeping environment in which you can enjoy a comfortable and quality sleep. Sleepion supports your daily rest by focusing on your three basic senses, the audible, visual, and scent, and perfects your relaxation needs.

Sleep tenderly, just like being embraced in your mother’s arms.

We believe that relaxing comfortably into your sleep will lead to a refreshed awakening. With Sleepion, we aspired to create an ideal resting environment, reminiscent of being cradled in your mother’s arm. We hope that you will try Sleepion and acquire your ideal sleep.

監修 清水教授
Norinaga Shimizu
Dr. Shimizu, an emeritus professor at the Osaka Prefecture University is renowned for his role as a corporate advisor taking part in development of many health, preventive medicine, and sleep-related products.
His work spans across multiple fields such as medical treatments, cosmetics, beverages, and clothing. Scientifically verifying the safety and efficacy of products related to health, cosmetics and sleep, Dr. Shimizu is active in producing new and inventive ways in improving our life.
  • Birth:
  • Birthplace:
    Koga City, Shiga Prefecture
  • Current position:
    Research Center for Healthy Living (Chief Manager)
    Osaka Prefecture University emeritus professor
    Japan Radiation Hormesis Association(Director)
  • Degree:
    PhD in Medicine (Wakayama Medical University)
  • Field of study:
    Medical Science and Health, Environmental adaptation, Chinese medicine.
  • Publications:
    Varma cuttram (the origin of medicine), Asian Cultural Research Center, 1994.
    Chinese juvenile massaging therapy, Taniguchi Shoten, 1996.
    Healthy living with body temperature 36.5 degrees., Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, 2010.
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