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Sleepion 2 is a tool designed to relax your brain through your three basic senses and lets you fall asleep naturally.

Your ordinary sleep may not be enough. Resting your brain and body by reaching the deepest “State 4” sleep, which only exists in humans, is the key in waking up refreshed and keeping yourself energized throughout the day. Sleepion 2 is a first of its kind, palm-sized tool to create your ideal sleeping environment that lets you sleep deeply and gently. Sleepion 2 will support you in tuning your body and mind to live comfortably, all throughout the day.

Learn about your sleep

Do you know the risk of sleep deprivation?

Even a slight amount of sleep loss adds up to create a condition known as “sleep debt”. Just like in terms of monetary debt, a small amount of deficit accumulates unbeknownst to yourself and causes various health related issues such as loss of concentration, obesity, aging, and difficulty in performing everyday tasks. If the condition is neglected for an extended amount of time, it can lead to serious problems like increased cancer risks due to low hormone level or dementia.

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Less than 6hr of sleep = No sleep at all!

Research shows that sleeping for only 6 hours consecutively for two weeks is equivalent to staying up all night two days in a row. Effects related to sleep deprivation is said to have an economic impact of 15 trillion yen (136 billion US dollars) in Japan alone. Taking enough sleep is a foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and helps to avoid unwanted illness or accidents.

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Are you sleeping well? Check and see with the Sleepion Sleep Checker

Are you taking enough sleep and living the day to its fullest? Take this survey and find out!

How do we create a natural sleeping environment without relying on sleep inducing drugs?

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Changing your daily habits such as going to bed early and refraining from using smartphones before sleeping can indeed help. However, the importance of optimizing your sleeping environment by focusing on the sensual stimulus surrounding you cannot be overstated.

Refrain from taking caffeine or alcohol related beverages later in the evening
Finish eating big meals three hours before bed.
Take a bath instead of a shower.
No screen time 1 hour before bed. Turn off your smartphone, TV and PC.
Use bedclothes and pillows that match your body.

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“Sleepion” is developed to act upon your three basic senses, the audible, visual and scent, to restore your circadian rhythm and bring back your natural healing power induced by sleeping deeply.

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